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Hamburg Science Summit 2024

19 September 2024 | Körber-Stiftung | Hamburg, Germany

“Europe’s Path Towards Tech Sovereignty“

Technologies shape our daily lives and will do so even more in the years to come. In a world facing global challenges, from the climate crisis to the emergence of pandemics, technological innovation plays a crucial part in ensuring health, prosperity and sustainability. But technologies also play a critical role in geopolitics. Be it the development of artificial intelligence, new vaccines or key innovations for the energy transition: The rapidly intensifying competition for the best technologies has become a matter of geopolitical power. From a European perspective, this raises the question of how Europe – including both EU and non-EU partners – should navigate the global technology race.

Key questions:

  • How can Europe remain competitive in crucial fields such as artificial intelligence, energy storage, and medical technologies on a global scale?
  • What kind of financial, political and social framework conditions are needed to promote Europe’s technological sovereignty?
  • In which fields, if any, should Europe aim for technological sovereignty? And where should it rely on its global partners?
  • How should Europe respond when economic and technological interests collide with democratic principles or academic freedom?


Thursday, 19 September 2024

11:00 am

11:10 am

11:40 am
Plenary Table
A technologically sovereign Europe: Challenges, opportunities, and the way forward

12:30 pm

1:30 pm
Plenary Table
The global race for AI: How can Europe keep up and find its own way?

The global race for patents: Where do we stand in Europe?

Embarking on a PhD and an academic career in Europe – What are the prospects?

2:30 pm
Plenary Table
Is the future still green? Europe’s strengths and weaknesses in sustainable energy supply

Europe in the global AI race: Trustworthy losers or promising leaders in ethical and excellent AI?

3:30 pm

4:00 pm
Plenary Table
The Future of health: Medical breakthroughs made in Europe

Science and politics: The state of evidence-based policy in Europe

5:00 pm
Plenary Table
From solar to e-mobility: Europe fails while China gains?

6:00 pm

8:00 pm
Public Cultural Event
Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Recital Hall

Friday, 20 September 2024

11:00 am
Award ceremony Körber European Science Prize 2024
Hamburg City Hall, Great Hall
Previous registration and a valid ID required

12:30 pm
Hamburg City Hall
Previous registration and a valid ID required


Platz der Deutschen Einheit 120457 Hamburg

Hamburger Rathaus

Rathausmarkt 120095 Hamburg