Is Globalization unstoppable? Insights from the Past

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At least for a decade, multiple disruptions and crises have put Globalization to the test. Alas, current Anti-Globalization movements and tendencies are not unprecedented. Is Globalization as such really unstoppable or inevitable? Which parallels can we identify between the Anti-Globalization movement of the 1920s/1930s and today? What role does democracy play in the context of Globalization? And why did and do people, political movements and other actors decide for protectionism and nationalism? This is what we discussed with historian Tara Zahra during our conversation.

Guest: Tara Zahra

Her new book “Against the World” in German: Gegen die Welt. English: Against the World

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“You know that’s an optimistic view but but it’s been deeply undermined and I think that you know my hope, In terms of what might come of our current antique global moment is a new rethinking of, The architecture of globalization and effort to make it more stable, More fair. To address some of the underlying the extreme inequalities caused by globalization over the last 20 years. In order to save it, right? You know, reforming capitalism in order to save capitalism is not a new prescription but I think we’re in another moment where You know the optimistic view is that that that’s where we might be headed.”

Tara Zahra


Artwork: Geschichte ist Gegenwart! Der History & Politics Podcast der Körber-Stiftung

Geschichte ist Gegenwart! Der History & Politics Podcast der Körber-Stiftung

Warum Geschichte immer Gegenwart ist, besprechen wir mit unseren Gästen im History & Politics Podcast. Wir zeigen, wie uns die Geschichte hilft, die Gegenwart besser zu verstehen.

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