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Exile Media Forum 2020 – What can media learn from exiled journalists in times of crisis?

  • Exil
  • Gesellschaft
  • 57 Min.
Exiled journalists are used to working under difficult conditions. They usually have few resources at their disposal and are used to researching from a distance and maintaining contact with their sources via digital channels. During the COVID-19 pandemic, most media outlets need many of their skills as well. Has the opportunity to learn from each other already been used sufficiently? Nazeeha Saeed, freelance journalist Nina Gheddar und Firas Abdullah, Guiti News France Cornelia Fuchs, Editor Foreign Desk, stern Chair | Theresa Schneider, Körber-Stiftung Nazeeha Saeed is a journalist from Bahrain. She has been working on the topic of human rights for almost twenty years and had to leave her home country due to this commitment. Nina Gheddar, editor-in-chief of the Parisian news portal “Guiti News” and the Syrian photojournalist Firas Abdullah report on their joint work. At Guiti News, French and exiled journalists work together in tandems. Cornelia Fuchs has been writing for the German news magazine stern since 1999 and has reported from Afghanistan, Egypt and India on human rights and the situation of women.