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Exile Media Forum 2020 – Trends and new forms of exile journalism

  • Exil
  • Gesellschaft
  • 56 Min.
The media system has been undergoing a massive change not only since the COVID-19 crisis. On the one hand, social media and new technology offer a great opportunity to facilitate the work of exiled journalists. Digital tools help them to maintain contacts with their home country and to publish their own content themselves. On the other hand, the danger of digital threats to media people is increasing. Walid al-Saqaf, Södertörn University Abdulwahab Tahhan, Podcast “Integrate That!” Meera Selva, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Chair | Kathrin Drehkopf, NDR ZAPP Media Magazine Walid Al-Saqaf is a lecturer at Södertörn University in Stockholm, where he specializes in the use of the internet and media technology for journalism, access to information, and freedom of expression. Abdulwahab Tahhan, founder of the podcast “Integrate That!” gives a voice to refugees and tells of his new life in the UK in a humorous and thoughtful way. Meera Selva is an accomplished senior journalist who has reported out of Europe, Asia and Africa, for the Associated Press, the Daily Telegraph and The Independent among others. At the Reuters Institute of the University of Oxford, she looks at matters related to press freedom and media diversity.