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eCommemoration Convention 2021: Let’s play! Svoboda 1945 – Liberation

  • Europa
  • Geschichte
  • Internationale Verständigung
  • 47 Min.

Get a first-hand look at the newest development from the award-winning team of Charles Games, makers of the critically acclaimed Attentat 1942. Launched in August 2021, »Svoboda 1945 – Liberation« looks into the contested pasts of the Czech-German borderlands in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War. Join lead designer Vít Šisler in solving this »historical narrative mystery«.

Gameplay: Christian Huberts (Foundation for Digital Games Culture)

Moderator: Marcus Richter

This event was recorded during the eCommemoration Convention 2021 and was realised in cooperation with the Foundation for Digital Games Culture, Berlin.

More about the eCommemoration Convention 2021: https://www.koerber-stiftung.de/en/ecommemoration/convention-2021