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Berlin Foreign Policy Forum 2019

  • Internationale Politik
  • Internationale Verständigung

On 26 November 2019, Körber-Stiftung in cooperation with the Federal Foreign Office hosted the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum for the ninth time. Under the headline “From Ambition to Action: Making Multilateralism Work” the Berlin Forum set the stage for discussions on the most important current foreign policy challenges for Germany and Europe. How can Germany strengthen multilateral structures together with its key partners? How will election results in EU member states and of the European Parliament affect European integration and the EU's international role? Can we develop international regimes to control new technologies in warfare and prevent a new global arms race? You will find the welcome address by Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas as well as videos of all panels in our video library. Click the play-button ▶ to start the first video. Or click the white menu-symbol ☰ on the player, to choose other videos from a playlist.