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Berlin Foreign Policy Forum 2018

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On 27 November, Körber Foundation in cooperation with the Federal Foreign Office hosted the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum. Under the headline “Unite or Decline: Europe’s Future in an Unruly World” the Forum set the stage for discussions on the most important foreign policy challenges for Germany and Europe. How can Germany keep the European Union together and contribute to the debate about its future? What role can Europe play to prevent a further de-stabilization of the Middle East? How will relations with Russia and China develop? And how can we address the emerging rift in the transatlantic alliance? You will find the welcome address by Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas as well as videos of all panels in our video library. Click the play-button ▶ to start the first video. Or click the white menu-symbol ☰ top left on the player, to choose other videos from a playlist. Videos auf deutsch