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Berlin Foreign Policy Forum 2017

  • Europa
  • Russland
  • Internationale Politik
  • Internationale Verständigung
On 5 December, the most important foreign policy challenges for Germany and Europe were discussed at this year’s Berlin Foreign Policy Forum by Körber-Stiftung in cooperation with the Federal Foreign Office. What are the consequences of the uncertain domestic situation in Germany for Europe? How will transatlantic relations develop? What are the security prospects for Europe’s Eastern and South-Eastern neighborhood? Do historical lessons from the Peace of Westphalia offer possible solutions for conflicts in the Middle East? How can a military escalation with North Korea be prevented? You will find the keynote address by Federal Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel as well as videos of all panels in our video library. Click the play-button ▶ to start the first video. Or click the white menu-symbol ☰ top left on the player, to choose other videos from a playlist.