Retroville, Kyiv, Ukriane, 2022

Ukraine & Beyond

Photo: Robin Hinsch

In February 2022, Russia launched a war of aggression against Ukraine in violation of international law. This war is causing massive destruction in the country and great suffering among the Ukrainian population.

We condemn the Russian aggression. It is a major threat to international security and order. Our solidarity is with people, civil society and our long-standing partners in Ukraine, whom we have supported in a variety of ways since the Russian invasion began.

Russia’s incursion into neighboring Ukraine has brought war back to the heart of Europe. For Körber-Stiftung, which has been committed to cross-border dialogue and international understanding for decades, this war is a turning point as well. Dialogue is never without preconditions. It only works if all parties share a serious interest in exchange and adhere to basic common rules. These preconditions no longer exist with regard to the Russian Federation. Therefore, in view of the Russian invasion, we have suspended our dialogue activities with official representatives of the Russian Federation and with organizations close to it. At the same time, we remain in exchange with those who stand up for an “other” Russia and publicly condemn Russian aggression. We deliberately create spaces for engagement with issues, people and cultures of Ukraine. In addition, we promote reflection on the future of the European Security Order.


Our experts

“Russia’s invasion has destroyed the European security order. How can security in Europe be structured in the future? With our various discussion formats, we are helping to provide answers to this question.”

Nora Müller

Executive Director International Affairs and Director Berlin Office

“Ukraine is a unique country with a fascinating culture. With our events we want to show that this rich culture is not extinguished, but becomes more visible and stronger precisely through the war.”

Bahar Roshanai

Programme Manager
Music Projects

“Russia’s war against Ukraine is about the future of Europe. Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson are where the continent’s security will be decided.”

Dr. Sarah Pagung

Programme Director
Berlin Foreign Policy Forum, Körber Policy Game

“Ukraine and Russia are among the founding members of EUSTORY. We continue to support our Ukrainian colleagues, but also our Russian partners in exile. We are also exploring suitable formats for cross-border cooperation during and after the war.”

Katja Fausser

Programme Director

“Russia´s invasion causes destruction and human suffering in Ukraine. And it violates international law. It is important to show solidarity with partner organizations in Ukraine and provide support to Ukrainian civil society as well.”

Gabriele Woidelko

Head of Department History and Politics

Our projects

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