Our Democracy

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Democracy needs our active commitment

Democracy begins at the doorstep, in the local community and municipality, and in the city. It offers far more opportunities to shape things than just voting in Sunday elections. Our democracy thrives on the commitment and dedication of citizens who come together to find good solutions for better coexistence, to overcome local challenges and to fill democracy with life. Our free, democratic constitutional order provides only a framework – which we ourselves must fill: it demands our active protection and continuous care. Every individual’s dedication is indispensable to preserve our democratic values.

We, Körber-Stiftung, are committed to promoting and strengthening democracy with passion and concrete measures. By bringing people together in a variety of events and projects, we encourage them to become active themselves and to take personal responsibility for the common good. We open up spaces for discussions on the burning issues of our time, and support the search for solutions to socio-political challenges.

Working together, we advocate a vibrant democracy shaped by civic involvement and the courage to take responsibility.

Our active commitment – together for strong democracy!


Wahl-O-Mat zum Aufkleben ‒ jetzt mitmachen!

Gemeinsam mit der Landeszentrale für politische Bildung und dem Landesjugendring Hamburg e.V. stellen wir den analogen Wahl-O-Mat zur Verfügung. Jetzt mitmachen: 23.05. & 06.06.2024

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