Open Space

Good things happen where people come together and tackle problems as a team. The Open Space in the KörberHaus offers 50 m² of meeting space and opportunities for everyone who wants to take responsibility and make Bergedorf a better place.

The Open Space creates space for civic engagement in Hamburg-Bergedorf – for everyone whose idea of a good community is still in its infancy and where infrastructure and networks are lacking.

The Open Space is particularly aimed at individuals and small groups who are not organised in fixed non-profit structures and are looking for their own way to develop and implement their projects for good coexistence.

Other bookable rooms are offered for associations and other non-profit organisations in the Bergedorf district and in the KörberHaus.

For this purpose, the Open Space is open during the opening hours of the KörberHaus, from Monday to Saturday from 07:00 to 10:00 hrs., and is always equipped with supporting working materials. Use of the room is free of charge and possible without registration. The Open Space can be used in parallel and cannot be booked. We rely on the fact that good things can happen at the same time and strengthen each other.

The Free Space is flexible due to its variable furniture. Individual work on a user’s own laptop, sketches of ideas on a whiteboard, project discussions at a standing table, workshops in small seated groups and presentations for a larger audience – users of the space are invited to employ the equipment independently and responsibly for their needs.

In addition to providing and curating the space, we organise various events for information, networking, advice, qualification and project support. To this end, we cooperate with the users themselves as well as with local and national partners.


Annalena Jonetzko

Programme Director
Engagiert in Bergedorf

Frei Raum - Für alle, die Bergedorf besser machen!