Listen to the World

Photo: Claudia Höhne

“Listen to the World” is the title of a series that seeks to eavesdrop on the connecting lines of traditional music into the present. The concert series combines a concert, a platform discussion and a communicative space in dialogue with the audience.

Opening up and expanding one’s own listening habits – the Ohr zur Welt (Ear to the World) concert series succeeds in doing this in an extremely entertaining way.

Traditional sounds and new sounds are mixed here, and apparent opposites merge: New meets old, familiar meets unfamiliar, East meets West. This creates new spaces for listening and experiencing, while quite incidentally broadening musical and cultural horizons.

The artists who explore their own or foreign musical roots come from all over the world: From the Albanian jazz singer Elina Duni and the Ukrainian avant-garde artist Mariana Sadovska to the Chinese harmonica player Wu Wei – with their music, they all build bridges between the familiar and the foreign, between tradition and innovation.

Last year, we welcomed the German-Iranian Tanin duo, the celebrated Syrian pianist Aeham Ahmad and the Canadian rapper Socalled, among others, to our KörberForum. In addition to the live events, the artists named on this page give us an insight into their music and their creative process, and allow us to share exciting and personal stories from their lives in short, entertaining videos.



Der Name des Berliner Jazz-Quartetts LELÉKA bedeutet „Storch“ – und symbolisiert in der Ukraine Frühling und neues Glück. Sie lassen traditionelle ukrainische Lieder in neuem Licht erklingen.

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Bahar Roshanai

Programme Manager
Music Projects

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