Previous Körber Policy Games

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From the USA via Europe, the Middle East to East Asia – since 2013 the Körber Policy Game discusses fictional crises that project current political trends into the future. Its aim is to formulate policy options for Germany and its partners as well as develop a better understanding of the interests of other actors involved. The results of the Policy Games provide valuable insights and policy recommendations until today.

Post-COVID-19: Which future for the European project?

In 2020, we discussed the consequences of the COVID-19 European recovery fund together with a potential disintegration of the European Union and a further spread of right-wing populism in Europe.

European Security in Times of Crisis

The potential withdrawal of the United States from NATO was discussed at the Körber Policy Game 2019. Essential part of the debate was the future of the European Security Order as well as the overall survival of the Alliance.

European Security in Crisis: What to Expect if the US Withdraws from NATO

Results of the Körber Policy Game 2013-2018

Previous Körber Policy Games discussed crises in the Near and Middle East, East Asia as well as Eastern Europe. The reports summarize the most important findings.

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The middle east after the nuclear deal
Security in east asia
Crisis management in eastern europe