Körber Policy Game

Photo: Foto: David Ausserhofer

In the Körber Policy Game a small group of high-ranking international politicians, government officials, and experts discuss and analyze the interests of various foreign policy actors in the context of a fictional scenario. The Körber Policy Game is based on the idea of projecting current foreign and security policy trends into a future scenario – seeking to develop both a deeper understanding of the interests and priorities of the different players and possible policy options.

Europe Home Alone – What if Trump returns?

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Europe Home Alone – What if Trump returns?

The Körber Policy Game brought together a small group of high-level participants to assess policy options for Europe in case of a significant shift in US domestic and foreign policy.

Escalation in the Taiwan Strait

A conflict between the United States and China in the Taiwan Strait was the topic of the Körber Policy Game 2021. The group discussed the implications of such a conflict for the international security order.

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Xenia Kelemen

Programme Manager
Berlin Foreign Policy Forum, Körber Policy Game

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