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Körber Emerging Middle Powers Report 2024

Listening Beyond the Echo Chamber

How does foreign policy differ in the emerging middle powers Brazil, India and South Africa? Where are the differences and similarities to Germany and what does this mean for Germany’s role in the world? Find out in our new study “Emerging Middle Powers Report 2024: Listening Beyond the Echo Chamber”.

The report includes the world’s first survey of nearly 1.000 foreign policy experts from Brazil, Germany, India, and South Africa.

Emerging Middle Powers Report 2024

Survey Highlights

Same world, different wars and crisis

German experts see the war in Ukraine as the biggest foreign policy challenge. For respondents from India, the tense relations with China are particularly challenging, while in Brazil climate change and in South Africa the balance between the major powers United Stated and China are seen as the greatest foreign policy challenge.

Not all China sceptics

Opinions on China’s influence vary widely in the countries surveyed. While the majority of experts in India and Germany view China’s influence negatively, the majority of experts in Brazil and South Africa see it positively.

Desire for reform

Despite the differences among the four countries, there are significant similarities when it comes to international institutions: A strong majority of the IBSA countries (India, Brazil and South Africa) would like to see the United Nations reformed by expanding the Security Council. This wish is shared by a large majority of German respondents.

„In order to achieve better international understanding with emerging middle powers, the West must play its part. We must listen beyond our own echo chambers and actively seek dialogue with Brazil, India and South Africa, for example.“

Nora Müller

Executive director International Affairs at Körber-Stiftung and director Berlin Office


Körber Emerging Middle Powers Report 2024

Körber Emerging Middle Powers Report 2024: Illustrated survey

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