Intergenerational Workshop Bergedorf

Photo: Bente Stachowske

“Talking to one another, not about each other” – the Intergenerational Workshop Bergedorf adds “Making a difference together” to this quote from our founder. Because we are convinced that good ideas arise from cooperation between different people of all generations and cultures, and that there is great potential to make society better.

The Intergenerational Workshop is an occasion, forum and ideas workshop at the same time. It puts on the agenda topics that move Bergedorf and the local people. In interactive forums lasting several days, it brings people of all generations together to discuss these themes. And because we are convinced that everyone can contribute something to a better society, the Intergenerational Dialogue encourages people not to stop at just talking, but to become active together!

With the Intergenerational Workshop, we aim to pass on the idea of helping to shape our society, which our founder Kurt A. Körber saw as his life’s work. The Intergenerational Workshop is therefore for all those who do not want to leave things as they are.

„Miteinander, nicht übereinander reden!“

Kurt A. Körber

Auftakt des Projekts als Bergedorfer Generationendialog im Mai 2021


Annalena Jonetzko

Programme Director
Engagiert in Bergedorf