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Demographic change is an international megatrend. A massive ageing of the population is becoming apparent in many regions of the world. It is above all the cities that are developing creative and innovative solutions for their ageing societies – it is worth taking a look at the bigger picture in these towns and cities! Municipal key players in the demographic change, from politics and administration, can apply to participate. They will be accompanied by selected topic experts.

With the Age & City Expedition, the Körber-Stiftung invites you to explore age-friendliness beyond national borders. Because international towns and cities offer inspiration and surprising ideas.

You will get to know the strategic concepts of age-friendly cities and the responsible decision-makers in the administration on the spot, and you will visit pioneering projects. The expedition participants report on their experiences at the annual Körber Demography Symposium.

Expedition Age & City 2024 – Krakau

Foto: Dawid Labno / Unplash
Jetzt Bewerben: Expedition Age & City 2024 nach Krakau

Die Expedition Age & City richtet sich an Bürgermeister, Bürgermeisterinnen und kommunale Demografieverantwortliche. Im September 2024 wird in Krakau das Engagement Älterer im Fokus stehen.

Expedition Age & City 2023 – Den Haag

Foto: Sebastiaan van Denzel
Expedition Age & City 2023 nach Den Haag

Die Expedition Age & City richtet sich an kommunale Demografieverantwortliche. Bei der Reise nach Den Haag im September 2023 standen "Dritte Orte" und die Teilhabe Älterer im Fokus.

Vergangene Expeditionen

Vergangene Expeditionen

Seit 2019 besucht die Expedition Age & City internationale Städte. Erfahren Sie mehr über die bisher besuchten Orte.


Niklas Rathsmann

Programme Director
Demographic Future Prospects

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