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In more than 20 countries, the EUSTORY Network connects foundations, non-governmental organisations, and history teachers’ associations that organize national history competitions for young people. All projects are independent and operate autonomously. They are united by their commitment to a critical approach towards history which also includes young people’s perspectives on local or family history from all over Europe and beyond.

The network was initiated by Körber-Stiftung in 2001, and has been managed from Hamburg ever since.

On the initiative of Körber-Stiftung, the EUSTORY Network was founded on 1st September 2001 with 12 national history competitions from Western and Eastern Europe. Until now, EUSTORY competitions take place in more than 20 countries in Europe and neighbouring countries.

Following the example of the German History Competition, which has been supported by Körber-Stiftung since 1973, all projects foster independent project work by students according to the principle of research-based learning.

The International Office of the EUSTORY Network, run by Körber-Stiftung since 2001, carries our Annual Network Meetings for all national competition organisers hosted in rotating member countries. In addition, EUSTORY brings together prize winners from all member competitions for international youth encounters or digital projects on a regular basis. Constantly, young people from the network publish articles on history and identity on the EUSTORY History Campus Blog. Together with public events and publications, EUSTORY contributes to an inclusive and innovative culture of commemoration in Europe.

Since 2017, EUSTORY has been a cooperation partner of DVV International in a large third-party project funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.

Recently, some competition projects in Eastern Europe have been threatened in their activity, for example in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

“Being involved in EUSTORY, I experienced that other countries are also struggling with teaching history and their culture of remembrance. The exchange within the network provides many helpful checkpoints to improve methods and aims of our competition.”

Alicja Wancerz-Gluza, Founder of the Polish EUSTORY History Competition at KARTA Center, Warsaw

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Together with Körber-Stiftung and THE CIVIC Innovation Hub, EUSTORY has initiated the “Bridging Gaps Award”. Youth projects from Europe fostering unity in polarised societies can apply for the €10,000 prize.

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EUSTORY Network Meeting

Enhancing the Exchange of Expertise in Europe

Every year, EUSTORY competition organisers meet in different member countries Network Meetings


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