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EUSTORY Youth Activities

How can the confrontation with history foster a better understanding of the present and shape the future of Europe and its neighbors? At EUSTORY Summits, international history festivals, as well as in multiple digital projects, winners of national history competitions of the EUSTORY Network use history as a laboratory for international understanding.

They reflect on their perspectives regarding historical and current political questions in an unrestricted environment and develop innovative formats for a multi-faceted culture of commemoration.

“I want to deal with facts that did not make it into history books.”


Summit-Participant from Spain

International history festival


The international history festival for young people from Europe and beyond.

Insights into EUSTORY Youth Activities

EUSTORY History Campus

Kreuzberg – The Berlin Face of Contrasts

What are the reasons to live in Kreuzberg and is it a good place for young people? How diverse and culturally appealing is it? While in Germany’s capital city, the Editors' team took the opportunity to stroll the streets of the multicultural face of Berlin, Kreuzberg and ask locals and foreigners what makes the district special. The post Kreuzberg – The Berlin Face of Contrasts appeared first on EUSTORY History Campus.

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#LivingBelgium: A Country With Multiple Personalities

How come Belgium spent nearly two years without a government? Does a Belgian identity really exist? Is a life without French fries possible in Belgium? While spending her Erasmus Solidarity Corps in Ghent, Liliana from Bulgaria found out. And was surprised by way more... The post #LivingBelgium: A Country With Multiple Personalities appeared first on EUSTORY History Campus.

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