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How can the confrontation with history foster a better understanding of the present and shape the future of Europe and its neighbors? At EUSTORY Summits, international history festivals, as well as in multiple digital projects, winners of national history competitions of the EUSTORY Network use history as a laboratory for international understanding.

They reflect on their perspectives regarding historical and current political questions in an unrestricted environment and develop innovative formats for a multi-faceted culture of commemoration.

“I want to deal with facts that did not make it into history books.”


Summit-Participant from Spain

International history festival


The international history festival for young people from Europe and beyond.

Junge Perspektiven auf Geschichte und Gegenwart

EUSTORY History Campus

Die Plattform für aktuelle Fragen zu Geschichte und Gegenwart, Gesellschaft und Identität – von und für Europamacher:innen von morgen

Insights into EUSTORY Youth Activities

Alumni stories

EUSTORY History Campus

Football, Flags & Feeling German

Germany's relationship with patriotism? Complicated. During football tournaments, it has become a tradition to fight over the German flag. Our EUSTORY History Campus authors Marlene and Yannis asked young Germans what they think about national symbols. The post Football, Flags & Feeling German appeared first on EUSTORY History Campus.

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The Geography of Stereotypes

What truths lie behind national stereotypes, and why are they so persistent? Marlene from Germany puts them to the test - with the help of young Europeans. The post The Geography of Stereotypes appeared first on EUSTORY History Campus.

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