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EUSTORY promotes a multi-faceted approach to commemoration and cross-border engagement while strengthening a dialogue about fundamental questions of European history.

EUSTORY connects civil society organisations from over 20 countries in Europe and beyond which conduct national history competitions.

With its activities, EUSTORY promotes a critical approach towards European history while actively involving young Europeans to shape a common commemoration culture.

“Understanding Differences - Overcoming Divisions”

History Competitions

History divides and connects. By today, more than 20 national history competitions from the EUSTORY Network encouraged more than 252,000 students to conduct research about their local and family history along the lines of the German history competition. With this, they dive into aspects of the past that cannot be found in history text books.

Actively Shaping Commemoration

With their research, that sometimes also sheds a light on yet unknown or repressed history, young people contribute to a culture of commemoration in their home countries. At the same time, they can use the newly acquired skills to critically question the public approach towards history.

International Youth Activities

The winners of the national competitions use history as a laboratory for international understanding during cross-border EUSTORY Summits. With additional digital projects and an English blog on history and identity, EUSTORY further promotes a well reflected culture of commemoration and fosters international dialogue.

Exchange of Expertise in Europe

Since 2001, Körber-Stiftung is initiating and strengthening independent national history competitions in Europe and neighbouring countries. Through annual conferences, the matching of international partners or the support of members’ fundraising strategies, EUSTORY reinforces the commitment of its members to peace and international understanding.

“We believe that listening to others and telling our stories in an empathetic manner makes them understandable for people from diverse backgrounds and helps building a peaceful coexistence.”

EUSTORY Mission Statement


Our EUSTORY Activities

Latest News

Applications open for the "Bridging Gaps Award” 2024 for NGOs

Together with Körber-Stiftung and THE CIVIC Innovation Hub, EUSTORY has initiated the “Bridging Gaps Award”. Youth projects from Europe fostering unity in polarised societies can apply for the €10,000 prize.

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