XR-History Award 2024

Historians and their books have long dominated most visible spheres of historytelling and commemoration. Digital tools are some of the instruments that allow us to challenge narratives, bring previously unheard voices to the forefront of historical remembrance and expand opportunities of collective memories.

Have you been building a creative XR project that skilfully combines elements of narration, art and history to achieve a critical reflection on historic discourses and memory?

Apply Now for the XR-History Award

We are looking for an extraordinary XR project that uses immersive technology to explore history, narrations of history or commemorative culture.

Documentary, story or art based – we explicitly welcome diverse approaches and innovative perspectives.

The winning project will be rewarded with 5.000 Euros.

An international jury will determine the winner.

The winning project will be celebrated on 06 June 2024 at the XR-History Festival presented by Körber-Stiftung and Deichtorhallen Hamburg.

Submissions open 15 March – 30 April 2024

The XR-History Award is a biennial award initiated by Körber Stiftung’s eCommemoration programme, honouring projects using immersive technology to explore artistic approaches of history-telling, history education or commemorative culture.

First awarded in June 2022 in collaboration with VRHAM! Virtual Reality & Arts Festival, it is currently the only digital arts award, which explicitly addresses and encompasses digital projects that interweave past, present and future. 

Our Jury

Photo: privat
Idris Brewster
CEO Kinfolk - Where hidden histories come to life
Photo: privat
Dr Esther Wright
Lecturer in Digital History Cardiff University & Board Member Historical Games Network
Photo: Philipp Meuser
Prof Dr Dirk Luckow
General director of the Deichtorhallen Hamburg
Photo: privat
Dr Anna Norpoth
Programme Manager eCommemoration Körber-Stiftung

Our terms and conditions

The XR-History Award is initiated by Körber-Stiftung to honour innovative work that uses immersive technology in order to explore history in digital ways. Documentaries, stories or art – various approaches of showing innovative perspectives are welcome. The winning project will be rewarded with 5.000 Euros. An international jury of experts will determine the winner. The award will be presented on 06 June 2024 at Deichtorhallen in Hamburg.

Please see our full terms and conditions for more info:

Terms and conditions XRHA 2024

Do you have any questions? Contact us: ecommemoration@koerber-stiftung.de