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What is eCommemoration? New technologies and new generations raise new questions about history and call on us to renew our understanding of the past. Our eCommemoration programme opens up a space for historians, memory workers, digital pioneers and creative minds from across the globe to discuss new perspectives of participatory commemoration. We invite you to explore history and memory with us – in Video Games, Social Media, Extended Reality and cross-media projects.  

In the ever-evolving digital sphere, eCommemoration stands at the forefront of fostering interdisciplinary and international perspectives – combining pop-cultural blockbuster productions with a massive audience and alternative, artistic projects which deal with the past in a thought-provoking way.

We bring diverse minds together that may not have otherwise converged.

Our mission goes beyond national echo chambers; we carve out a unique space for media diversity, encompassing transmedia, cross-media, and hybrid projects.

In an ever more closely connected world, we look at what is possible in digital memory culture by pushing boundaries, raising questions and stimulating debates.

How do Video Games, Social Media and Extended Reality construct and shape our culture of commemoration?  

How can we use digital tools to encourage debates going beyond national borders?

And how can digital formats help us to hear those voices that often remain unheard?


Our annual eCommemoration Convention is the space where we push the limits of what’s possible by facilitating creative exchange and hands-on digital experiences, raising the question of how digitalisation redefines history.

Every two years we present the XR History Award. With this award, we honour an extraordinarily creative XR project, which allows us to experience history from a different angle. 

If you are in Hamburg, check out our AR-monument for Lida Gustava Heymann.

Listen to our History & Politics Podcast (in German) for topical discussions on what links our past and present.

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#MakeUsVisible - how modern technology helps inclusive commemoration

Photo: Carla Gannis
Inclusive commemoration in Hamburg

The artist:in collective "Arora" turns monuments into an augmented reality experience with their #MakeUsVisible campaign - we bring the campaign to Hamburg!

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