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What is eCommemoration? New technologies and new generations raise new questions about history and call on us to renew our understanding of the past. Our eCommemoration programme opens up a space for historians, memory workers, digital pioneers and creative minds from across the globe to discuss new perspectives of participatory commemoration. We invite you to explore history and memory with us – in Video Games, Social Media and Extended Reality.

Highly dynamic digital spaces create interfaces between past and present – but how do Video Games, Social Media and Extended Reality construct and shape our culture of commemoration?

In an ever more closely connected world, digital technologies allow interconnectivity and communication across borders – how can we use these tools to encourage debates beyond national echo chambers?

Ideological or commercial interests often shape our perception of history – how can digital formats help us to hear those voices that often remain unheard?

What we do:

With our annual eCommemoration Convention we want to facilitate creative exchange and hands-on digital experience. How is digitalisation redefining history?

In June 2022, we will present the XR History Award – initiated by us and VRHAM! Festival. With this award, we want to honour an XR project, which allows us to experience history from a different angle.

Listen to our History & Politics Podcast (in German) for topical discussions on what links our past and present

eCommemoration Convention 2022

eCommemoration Convention 2022

In 2022, we again brought together international historians, memory workers, digital pioneers and creative minds for creative exchange and hands-on digital experiences.

Workshop für Schüler:innen: Pixel History – Gedenken und Gedanken in Minetest (German)

Wer entscheidet, an was sich erinnert werden soll und an was nicht? In Minetest betrachten wir ein pixeliges Denkmal, sprechen darüber und ihr entscheidet, was damit geschieht.

Our eCommemoration Activities

History & Politics Podcast (German) – eCommemoration Episodes

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Fiona Fritz (parental leave)

Programme Director

Dr. Felix Fuhg

Programme Director

Anna Norpoth

Programme Manager

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