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Nora Müller, Peter Frey, Wolfgang Schmidt, Jana Puglierin, Alisa Vogt (fLTR) Photo: David Ausserhofer

Since 1961 eminent international politicians and experts have met at the Bergedorf Round Table to discuss fundamental questions pertaining to German and European foreign and security policy in small and intimate groups.

The Round Table provides foreign policy decision-makers with a forum for a frank exchange of views in which they are not subject to the constraints and pressures of everyday life. Here they are able to develop new ideas and policy alternatives in an intimate and informal atmosphere.

Today, the Bergedorf Round Table focuses on perspectives of German and European foreign policy in three regions: Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Hitherto more than 3,000 politicians, government representatives and experts from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the US have participated in more than 170 Bergedorf Round Tables.

“The Bergedorf Round Table is a training camp for all who are prepared to cross the boundaries of their own discipline, political party and interests in order to learn by confronting the different experiences and perspectives of others.”

The late German Federal President Dr. Richard von Weizsäcker,

Chairman of the Bergedorf Round Table until November 2014

180th Bergedorf Round Table

180th Bergedorf Round: Table Gravity Shift Towards the East? Russia's War in Ukraine and the EU's Changing Political Balance

In times of crisis, the Central and Eastern European EU member states have emerged as crucial actors in creating effective responses to the war. Has Europe’s centre of gravity shifted east?

Bergedorf Round Tables 173-179


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Nora Müller

Executive Director International Affairs and Director Berlin Office

Clara Bredenbrock

Programme Manager
Bergedorf Round Table, Political Breakfasts

Denise Ersoy

Programme Manager
Bergedorf Round Table

Felicitas von Loë (parental leave)

Programme Manager
Bergedorf Round Table, Political Breakfasts

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