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The Amal, Hamburg! news service informs people in Hamburg in Arabic and Persian about the cultural, political and social life of the Hanseatic city.

People who have immigrated to Germany need information and access to media in order to participate in social life and democracy.

In the arrival phase, this is easier for them in their respective native language than in German. Hamburg lacks a high-quality journalistic offering that informs them about what is happening in the city, which topics are being discussed and which tips can make daily life easier.

Amal, Hamburg! closes this information gap and, as an online platform, offers important news on regional and national topics in Arabic, Persian and partly also in German. Journalists who have fled Afghanistan, Syria and Iran and live in exile in Germany speak and write here. They share their views on daily life in their mother tongues.

Amal, Hamburg! involves its readers interactively via Facebook and builds a bridge to the urban society. Together with the Körber-Stiftung, the editorial team takes up questions about cohesion in the city. In Arabic and Persian, Amal means hope – including about how to become active citizens of the city and to enter into dialogue about a shared future.

Amal, Hamburg! is a project of the Protestant School of Journalism and the Körber-Stiftung, supported by the Hamburger Abendblatt (Hamburg Evening News) and the Protestant Church in Germany.


Drei Jahre Amal, Hamburg!

Mit Musik, Filmen und Gesprächen haben wir das dreijährige Jubiläum von Amal, Hamburg! gefeiert. Die Redaktionsmitglieder von Amal berichteten von ihren Erfahrungen.


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Digitaler Amal, Salon! zeigt kulturelle Vielfalt

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