Supporting our democracy

As Körber-Stiftung, we stand up for the fundamental values of our constitution, including the inviolability of human dignity and the prohibition of discrimination based on gender, origin, language, background, faith, or political views.

It has always been essential for our democracy to acknowledge the lessons of the Nazi reign of terror and to commit to the principles of the rule of law, the independence of the media, and the inalienability of human rights. We firmly oppose any political movement that questions these values and threatens our open society. It is our policy not to tolerate extremist ideas or individuals who use hatred, incitement, or violence against our democracy.

Our operational work is a reflection of our commitment to strengthening democracy. We create spaces for debate on issues affecting people in the country, proactively help find solutions to socio-political problems, and encourage individuals to take personal responsibility. Our goal is to make a meaningful contribution to civic cohesion and a vibrant democracy.