The Empire strikes back

In this podcast series, we look at the aftermath of side effects of imperial pasts.

The series starts with sinologist Klaus Mühlhahn and his view on China and global capitalism.
We talk to Klaus Mühlhahn about China's internal and external turmoil and the country's role in the emergence of global capitalism.

In the second episode, we talk to Ulrike von Hirschhausen, Professor of European and Modern History at the University of Rostock and an expert on the history of empires, about how far the legacy of empires reaches into the present. What does the container business in the port of Hamburg have to do with European colonial rule in China more than a hundred years ago? And: What is the difference between Empire and Imperium?

In the third episode, we talk with Russian historian Alexander Semyonov. He is an expert in the history of empire and diversity. Why is Vladmir Putin using history as a tool for geopolitical expansion – and why does he rewrite history? The past in the context of the Tsarist Empire as well as the Soviet Union plays an important role in Russia´s foreign and domestic politics. Which vision of the future is connected to these references to distant or less distant pasts? And what is the role of diversity in all this?