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Ukraine & Beyond: The Year in War

In February 2022, the Russian Invasion of Ukraine has brought full-scale war back to Europe. How has this war changed our perception of Ukraine? Gwendolyn Sasse, Director of ZoiS, Ukrainian historian Iryna Sklokina and photographer Robin Hinsch discuss the consequences of the Russian aggression.

  • 95 min.

One year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine it is obvious that this war has changed Europe. It has caused suffering for the people in Ukraine, millions of Ukrainians became internally displaced or were forced to leave the country towards Poland, Germany or towards smaller countries such as Moldova. The war has also caused massive shifts in the European security and international order.

As Germans, we are forced to rethink our own international role and what used to be “Blackbox Ukraine” to us. What has shaped our perception of Ukraine and how has this perception changed since February 2022? Which political and ideological preconditions for the Russian war of aggression should we be aware of, and what are the consequences of this war? And to what extent could insights into the diverse history and cultures of remembrance of Ukraine help to better understand the national self-perception of the people eastwards and westwards of Kyiv?

This is what we discuss with historian Iryna Sklokina from the Center of Urban History in Lviv, political scientist and director of the Center for International and East European Studies Gwendolyn Sasse and photographer Robin Hinsch, who has been intensively travelling in Ukraine for more than ten years. Moderator: Gabriele Woidelko, Körber-Stiftung.