The New Germany, Season 2 - Episode 2: Germany and China

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Season 2, episode 2 of our seven-part series The New Germany with historian Katja Hoyer and journalist Oliver Moody is about Germany and China: What is the historical background to this complex bilateral relationship and economic interdependence? What are the biggest differences between the two political systems? Why is historical sensitivity important in developing a China policy for the 21st century? And what role does Germany play in the strategic rivalry between the United States and China?

Guest: Norbert Röttgen, Member of the CDU Presidium of Germany & Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee

One year of Zeitenwende – what has or has not changed in Germany? How is Germany perceived on the international stage? And why is everyone talking about the need for a grand strategy? The popular special series is back with season 2. What events have shaped Germany during this watershed year, where is it headed, and how does a look at history help us understand these changes?

As hosts, historian Katja Hoyer and journalist Oliver Moody set out to find some answers. Together with their expert guests, they will be looking into Germany's past and present to see what the future may hold for Europe's largest democracy.

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“Since and when China changed its idea of itself and its ambition to fundamentally change the principles of world order, which to a degree is legitimate, they are attacking the very core of a peaceful world order which is the reign of the rule of law, and they want to replace this principle of rule of law by the principle of power.”

Norbert Röttgen

Mitglied des Präsidiums der CDU Deutschlands & Mitglied des Auswärtigen Ausschusses

Artwork: Geschichte ist Gegenwart! Der History & Politics Podcast der Körber-Stiftung

Geschichte ist Gegenwart! Der History & Politics Podcast der Körber-Stiftung

Warum Geschichte immer Gegenwart ist, besprechen wir mit unseren Gästen im History & Politics Podcast. Wir zeigen, wie uns die Geschichte hilft, die Gegenwart besser zu verstehen.

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