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New World (Dis-)Order: What moves Jens Stoltenberg?

  • 45 min.

100,000 Russian soldiers on the Ukrainian border, worries about an invasion of Ukraine: the continued military build-up and Moscow’s demands for a reorganisation of the European security architecture continue to fuel tensions between Russia and the West. NATO is signalling a willingness to continue dialogue, but it also points to profound differences and the real danger of armed conflict in Europe. How should NATO respond to Moscow’s demands? How can the current crisis be defused? And what about the future of the transatlantic alliance? A few days after the NATO-Russia Council, which met for the first time in two years in light of the crisis, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg discusses current challenges for the Atlantic Alliance with Britta Sandberg, Der Spiegel, and Nora Müller, Körber-Stiftung. In cooperation with Der Spiegel.