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India: Big Country or Great Power?

India is the world's most populous country and its economic growth has recently outstripped that of China. How to assess India's rise? With the politician Aydan Özoğuz, the journalist Rezaul Laskar and political scientist Manisha Reuter.

  • International Affairs
  • International Understanding
  • Politics
  • 96 min.

India has been on the radar of German foreign policy for a long time. For over two decades, the South Asian country has been a strategic partner of Germany. Moreover, German companies are keenly eyeing the growth prospects in the Indian market. On the international stage, India is asserting its independence and positioning itself not only as a voice of the Global South, but is also as a leading international power. What does India’s international rise signify for its relations with Germany and Europe, its regional role, and as a neighbor of China? As India’s one-year presidency of the G20 draws to a close, we will explore these questions in a discussion featuring Aydan Özoğuz, Vice President of the German Bundestag and member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Indian journalist Rezaul Hasan Laskar, and political scientist and India expert Manisha Reuter from the European Council on Foreign Relations.

The event will be moderated by Julia Ganter, Körber-Stiftung, will be conducted in English and German with simultaneous translation into German and is part of India Week Hamburg.