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Clare Grey – Körber Prize winner 2021: New batteries for more climate protection

  • 7 min.

The British chemist sees her research as an important contribution to achieving the European Union's stated goal of climate neutrality by 2050. Grey pioneered the optimisation of batteries using NMR spectroscopy. This method provides non-invasive insights into the inner workings of batteries – and is similar to magnetic resonance imaging, which doctors use to screen patients. Her NMR studies helped to significantly increase the performance of lithium-ion batteries, which supply power to mobile phones, notebooks or e-vehicles, for example. Furthermore, Grey was instrumental in the development of new types of batteries – including lithium-air batteries, which have a tenfold increase in energy density, and others that charge very quickly and are particularly safe in operation. She is also conducting research into cost-effective and durable storage systems for electricity from renewable sources. Clare Grey has been awarded the Körber Prize for European Science 2021, endowed with one million euros, for her research.