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Berlin Foreign Policy Forum 2023: Evaluating Germany’s Zeitenwende in an Era of Global Crises

Spiegel Spotlight Interview with Boris Pistorius, Federal Minister of Defence

  • 30 min.

20 months have passed since Russia began its large-scale invasion of Ukraine. In the aftermath of Chancellor Scholz’s declaration of a “Zeitenwende,” Germany not only underwent a transformation of its foreign and defence policies but also embraced the ambition of re-establishing itself as a military force. As international crises multiply and uncertainties prevail, spanning regions from Mali to the Middle East and the Indo-Pacific, Germany’s determination and resources to fulfil the promises of its “Zeitenwende” face a rigorous test. Is Germany making enduring strides in boosting military investments? How to enhance defence integration and burden sharing within NATO? Or
is it advisable for Europe to focus on strategic independence? What global role can and should Germany assume beyond security on the European continent?

Boris Pistorius, Federal Minister of Defence, Federal Republic of Germany

Moderator: Britta Sandberg, Paris Bureau Chief, DER SPIEGEL