Blick in die Werkstatt Exilmuseum, Foto: Till Budde
© Stiftung Exilmuseum Berlin

Werkstatt Exilmuseum: Forum, Laboratory, Exhibition

  • Werkstatt Exilmuseum, Berlin
  • Days of Exile
  • Exhibition and guided tour

The Exilmuseum Berlin is being planned for the site at Anhalter Bahnhof. Until then, the “Werkstatt Exilmuseum” offers first insights into the planning: What is it about? What is being worked on? What will the whole thing look like? And how can interested people get involved? This is the topic of the participatory guided tours that take place every Thursday at 4 pm during the Tage des Exils (Days of Exile). The house is open from 3 to 6 pm.

Languages: German, English

Organised by: Stiftung Exilmuseum Berlin

Werkstatt Exilmuseum
Fasanenstraße 24
10719 Berlin

Adresse der Veranstaltung

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