Körber-Stiftung Berliner Forum Außenpolitik 2022 Berlin, 18.10.2022 Foto: Svea Pietschmann
Foto: Svea Pietschmann

Berliner Forum Außenpolitik 2023

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Of paradigms and power shifts –  how is Germany's role in Europe and the world changing? Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Annalena Baerbock opens the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum on the current challenges of international politics.

At the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum on 28 November 2023, high-ranking politicians and experts will discuss Germany's role in power shifts within Europe as well as in the global landscape.

The global landscape is marked by growing gaps, leading to upheavals in Germany’s foreign policy on three levels: domestically in a redefinition of its international role, within a changing European continent and in global power relations. The war in Ukraine is forcing Germany to readjust its foreign policy paradigm both at home and abroad. In a Europe facing existential questions, a power shift to Central and Eastern Europe is reshaping multilateral decision-making. Simultaneously, the global competition of narratives, the increasing influence of emerging middle powers and growing tensions between the US and China demand decisive and strategic action.

As Germany navigates these power shifts, it faces difficult questions: Is Berlin willing to deliver on its promises to lead Europe? What could a new paradigm for Germany look like? How can Europe define its role in an increasingly competitive international environment?

These and other questions will be discussed at the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum on 28 November 2023 under the title “Of Paradigms and Power Shifts: Steering Through a Contested International Order”.

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