Foto: David Ausserhofer

Berlin Foreign Policy Forum 2022

What can a future European security order look like? How are Germany and the UE dealing with the implications of the war in Ukraine? Government representatives and experts will discuss these questions at the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine abruptly ended the post-Cold War era. The German government has called the Russian aggression a Zeitenwende, a turning point in history. As a result, it announced fundamental changes to its foreign and security policy. This year’s Berlin Forum will provide an exclusive opportunity to discuss the implications of Germany’s changing international role and the future of European security with government representatives and foreign policy experts.

Which role will Germany play after Zeitenwende in European and global security – and how will this be reflected in its first National Security Strategy, to be published at the end of the year? What are the implications of Russia’s upending of the post-Cold War order for Western strategy in the Indo-Pacific? What are the geoeconomic reverberations of the conflict?

Among others, these questions will be discussed at this year’s Berlin Foreign Policy Forum on 18 October with the title ”The Price of Peace: Rethinking Security for Germany and Europe”.

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