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Talk, act and inspire – that is the triad of our work. We initiate debates and give practical stimuli for international understanding, to shape a lively civil society and for the knowledge of tomorrow.


Strengthening democracy is in the hands of all of us. We provide impetus and fresh ideas on how to embody and promote real-life democracy.



The use of AI has become an integral part of everyday life. We see it as our task to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using AI for a future society.


Artificial Intelligence

We deliberately create spaces for engagement with issues, people and cultures of Ukraine. In addition, we promote reflection on the future of the European Security Order.


Ukraine & Beyond

What moves us right now

Photo: Wolfgang Steche - Hamburg/DGPH

I want to instigate something with new initiatives. So if you want to call me an instigator, I agree with that.

Kurt A. Körber



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